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A girl talking to the iranian regime

A girl talking to the iranian regime 1

A hrefvideossearchqagirltalkingtotheiranianregimeampru2fsearch3fq3da2520girl2520talking2520to2520the2520iranian2520regimeampviewdetailampmmscnvwrcampmid2dea9a2e0c2c04a2f6ef2dea9a2e0c2c04a2f6efampformwvfstd hidserp53861watch videoanbsp018332a total of 100bn in frozen iranian assets was also released the us was an original signatory to the agreement with iran along with britain france germany russia china and the eu at the time under thenpresident barack obama washington had pledged to waive secondary us sanctions as long as iran continued to abide by the agreement.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 2

Cnsnewscom president trumps comment monday that he was ready to meet with iranian leaders came just hours after the regimes foreign ministry rejected the idea of negotiations with the us saying washington had proven to be untrustworthy and dismissing reports speculating that mediation efforts may be underway.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 3

Israels defense minister says iran is on the brink of economic and military collapse and that israel will attack tehran quotand destroy every iranian military outpost in syria threatening israelquot according to arablanguage publication elaph and reported by israeli media thursday.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 4

Several strongiranianstrong kurdish groups are discussing ways to coordinate efforts to confront the strongiranian regimestrong a saudi think tank believed to be backed by prince muhammad called last year in a study for saudi support for a lowlevel baloch insurgency in iran.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 5

The presidents offer puts iran in a bind refusal to talk serves mr trumps purpose an agreement to engage would have increased domestic hardline pressure on the iranian president and involved him in discussions that given us policy had little chance of success.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 6

Regime assassins are in action in europe north africa and saudi arabia sometimes we bomb their forces in syria but assadan iranianrussian puppetseems to be gaining strength in the islamic republic itself repression expands the most recent outrage is the arrest of a dancing girl.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 7

Under the circumstances attempts by regime officials to blame irans economic problems on the us are doomed after failing to convince the europeans to bypass us sanctions the only way the regime can save even a semblance of a normal economy is to beat a path to washington.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 8

Pompeo left open the possibility of a new deal but one based on 12 conditionsincluding a full halt to all uranium enrichment withdrawal of iranian forces from syria and an end to support for groups like.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 9

It is likely that lowranking members of the iranian delegation and trumps team will meet to hear each others point of view before the regime decides whether to accept trumps offer of talks on one side ordinary iranians are shaming the islamic republic in the eyes of the international community by demanding regime change.

A girl talking to the iranian regime 10

A girl talking to the iranian regime

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